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E for ‘Exceeds Expectations.’ And I’ve always thought Fred and I should’ve got E in everything, because we exceeded expectations by just turning up for exams.

—George Weasley, HPOotP (via moniker-d)

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One last thought on the ‘slut’ thing


The important thing that I hope that anon takes away from all this is, that it’s okay to like being degraded in bed. If verbal abuse is what gets you going, then FINE. Find someone who can give that to you without it turning into ACTUAL abuse.

You like what you like, and you don’t need to be ashamed. :3

"I feel like people say that about any gay character, no matter what show they’re on, no matter what they’re about. They always say it’s stereotypical. Personally, I don’t see Kurt as a stereotype, but maybe it’s because I have a bigger insight into what’s going on in his brain. I remember when I first developed the character, I wanted him to be different in the respect that I wanted him to be very real, and I think often gay characters on TV shows are punching bags, or punch lines, or annoying characters in the background. Kurt can be kind of bitchy sometimes. But other than that, I don’t think he is a stereotype. I think he’s a very vulnerable kid trying to make it in a world that tells him he shouldn’t be who he is. But I’ve never thought of him as a stereotype just because I would never want to portray a stereotype at all." ~ Chris Colfer

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